I haven't had time to create anything new in the last few days. Being so close to Christmas my days have been filled with baking, shopping and wrapping. I am 99% done, but since we are celebrating late this year I'm not in any rush to get it all done during the mad rush. With only one major mall in town, it's a little crazy this time of year and although I haven't stayed away from the mall completely, it's been a much different experience than most that are rushing around there at this time of year. This year has been refreshingly relaxing for both my husband and myself (though I'm sure it's always relaxing for him,) and I have certainly noticed the difference. I have been much more relaxed since moving to the Okanagan and this Christmas so far has been very different than the normal hustle and bustle we've experienced in the past. I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas day at home with my 2 favorite men, anticipating the arrival of our 2 youngest gi…

Joy to the World

This isn't a new card, but it's one of my favorites. This one was mass produced a few years ago but I was sure to keep a sample for myself.  All the extra textures with the glitter snowflake, Goosebumps texture spray over the stamped image and embossing on the patterned paper make this card really fun.

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It's been snowing for 3 days but there certainly hasn't been much accumulating, sunny breaks during the day melt it just enough to clear the roads before it starts again.

I made the background of  this card using Distress Oxides Mermaid Lagoon, Peacock feathers and Broken China. I used Jenner McGuire's Distress Monoprint technique  seen here

After I made the background I used some texture paste though a dot stencil and added glitter to give the background a little more dimension. The snowflakes were also smothered with texture paste and glitter, I love how it makes them look all fuzzy.

Merry Christmas

Well, it's certainly been another long break for me on this blog. There have been many life changes for me, including a new job, living in a new city and now working from home. We have settled into our new home back in the Okanagan, we moved in on September 15th. I am loving living here again, it just feels like home. My husband and I have come to enjoy the simpler life now, enjoying the slower pace now that almost all the kids are all grown and for the most part are on their own, working and taking care of themselves. We have also been touring all the local wineries, distilleries and breweries that the Okanagan has to offer. We have so many wonderful options to enjoy here it'll take a lifetime to visit them all, but our favorites are very easy to get to now.

My goal is to be much more creatively active again, both creating in my office and on posting on this blog. I have so many fun samples of techniques I've tried over the years that I can't wait to show you.

Today i…
It's not often I put myself on the other side of the camera, or on a scrapbook page for that matter. These pictures were captured by my daughter Hannah and we(with a little liquid influence in us) decided to ham it up for the camera. These are some of my favorite photos of us, so natural, just us being us and being completely comfortable with each other.

Sweet Snapshots

Going back through the years of photos and trying to get Chelsea's baby album completed(or at least started) Here is a snap of one of the newest layouts I have re-created. YES, re-created!! Chelsea's few pages that were done were completed when I had just started scrapbooking and they were hideous!!! Unfortunately I am working with a lot of photos that I don't have negatives for so her album has been difficult to complete. These photos were taken by an old friend Rebekah. I was not equipped with a good camera when the kids were young, nor the knowledge of composure so I am very thankful for these few nice photos I have. On the right that's laughing please! Kids tell me that's a mullet, but really it's only a short style needing a cut. I'm about 6-7 months pregnant with Hannah in this photo She was my biggest baby and I carried extra water so I'm looking about 9 months!! That was a long hot summer.

A day in the life of Autumn

This layout was inspired by the many morning trips Autumn and I would make to the park before I had to go to work the afternoon shift. It was a regular routine for us to drop her big sisters off at school, go for Mom's Starbucks kick and then head to the park for a few hours. These are some of my favorite pictures taken on one of the nicer days weather wise. Often these days were cloudy and rainy but we didn't care, we just loved having fun at the park.