17 January 2016

It's not often I put myself on the other side of the camera, or on a scrapbook page for that matter. These pictures were captured by my daughter Hannah and we(with a little liquid influence in us) decided to ham it up for the camera. These are some of my favorite photos of us, so natural, just us being us and being completely comfortable with each other.

04 February 2014

Sweet Snapshots

Going back through the years of photos and trying to get Chelsea's baby album completed(or at least started) Here is a snap of one of the newest layouts I have re-created. YES, re-created!! Chelsea's few pages that were done were completed when I had just started scrapbooking and they were hideous!!!
Unfortunately I am working with a lot of photos that I don't have negatives for so her album has been difficult to complete. These photos were taken by an old friend Rebekah. I was not equipped with a good camera when the kids were young, nor the knowledge of composure so I am very thankful for these few nice photos I have. On the right that's me...no laughing please! Kids tell me that's a mullet, but really it's only a short style needing a cut. I'm about 6-7 months pregnant with Hannah in this photo She was my biggest baby and I carried extra water so I'm looking about 9 months!! That was a long hot summer.

28 January 2014

A day in the life of Autumn

This layout was inspired by the many morning trips Autumn and I would make to the park before I had to go to work the afternoon shift. It was a regular routine for us to drop her big sisters off at school, go for Mom's Starbucks kick and then head to the park for a few hours. These are some of my favorite pictures taken on one of the nicer days weather wise. Often these days were cloudy and rainy but we didn't care, we just loved having fun at the park.

24 January 2014


This is a really old layout I did of Chelsea and Hannah's first time with paints. We sold the house with paint from this day still on the ceiling!

23 January 2014


Well it's been 6 months since my last post, must be time to do another!

I have starting working at Cherry Lane Scrapbook Shoppe on the weekends and it has inspired me to start scrapbooking again. We also had a few deaths in the family recently and it made me realize time is ticking away and if I don't start on them I'll never get them finished. Chelsea, my oldest will be graduating this year and I only have 3 layouts in her baby album, oh dear!!

I have taken a bunch of photos of layouts, some recent, some from the last few years and my plan....YES it's my plan....is to start posting weekly. Yes I know, I've said that before! HA

OK OK...here is the first one.

This is a fun little winter layout I did quite a few years ago, and as you may notice as I start to post the others, I seem to have taken on a particular style in every layout. Linear and groupings of photos. I just love printing these wallet sized photos to get a bunch of photos into a layout. I usually take so many photos it's too hard to choose just a few!

Here's one more I finished the other day of Autumn getting some love from the puppy.

That's all for now

09 June 2013

I'm back!!!

So it's been a while since I blogged, and to be honest the real reason is I've just been too damn busy, the story of every mom out there right!? After work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving kids to all their commitments and to mix in home reno's on top of all that, who has any free time! Things are getting a little easier now that the kids are getting older and I have all of them used to the new routines and organization but its taken me a while to get used to 6 kids!! 

I recently had some major surgery and the anesthesiologist's distraction was asking me a bunch of questions. "So what do you do in your free time?" he asked, I just laughed, "I have 6 kids, what is free time?? " That's the last thing I remember. Lol I've been off work for a few weeks now, slowly working my way back to a few short shifts last week. I had big plans to catch up on things around here but that didn't happen. I did manage to get a few things done though, but doctors orders were I must rest! Well ok!! (You should see how dirty the house is but for now I am not looking) lol

As well as just being too busy, after spending my day in front of a computer at work the last thing I want to do is come home and sit in front of a computer again. But today I found a little gem of an app that let's me blog from my iPhone! I usually take my blog photos with my phone now anyway so this will make things much easier to access everything I need in one tool, and no need to lug out the big camera and laptop! So this blog comes to you courtesy of Blog Go! 

I'll add in this little photo of my latest copic card creation as well. Hope you like it!!! 



03 October 2012

Copic Crazy

Yes, I am Copic crazy! Those who have taken my Copic classes know how passionate I am about these fantastic markers. My newest class sample is below and I am so excited to share with you these new Copic techniques, that are not only easy to create but also give stunning results.


26 September 2012

Copic Christmas

Posting a sneak preview of my newest class, Copic Christmas. Email me if you are interested in joining us and I will send you the information :)

25 September 2012

Change of seasons

This happens to be one of my most favorite times of the year. The cool crisp days, warm sun still shining and all the beautiful colors of fall. This card has been sitting around my desk for a few years now, I can't seem to give it away because it's one of my favorites. With the change of seasons, this may get me in the mood to put up the fall decorations early :)


24 September 2012

Hello my friend

A fun little card I made up with some scraps I had laying around. I tried some repeat stamping on this one as well as the Goosebumps clear texture spray. I really like the finish this spray gives.