04 February 2014

Sweet Snapshots

Going back through the years of photos and trying to get Chelsea's baby album completed(or at least started) Here is a snap of one of the newest layouts I have re-created. YES, re-created!! Chelsea's few pages that were done were completed when I had just started scrapbooking and they were hideous!!!
Unfortunately I am working with a lot of photos that I don't have negatives for so her album has been difficult to complete. These photos were taken by an old friend Rebekah. I was not equipped with a good camera when the kids were young, nor the knowledge of composure so I am very thankful for these few nice photos I have. On the right that's me...no laughing please! Kids tell me that's a mullet, but really it's only a short style needing a cut. I'm about 6-7 months pregnant with Hannah in this photo She was my biggest baby and I carried extra water so I'm looking about 9 months!! That was a long hot summer.

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