23 January 2014


Well it's been 6 months since my last post, must be time to do another!

I have starting working at Cherry Lane Scrapbook Shoppe on the weekends and it has inspired me to start scrapbooking again. We also had a few deaths in the family recently and it made me realize time is ticking away and if I don't start on them I'll never get them finished. Chelsea, my oldest will be graduating this year and I only have 3 layouts in her baby album, oh dear!!

I have taken a bunch of photos of layouts, some recent, some from the last few years and my plan....YES it's my plan....is to start posting weekly. Yes I know, I've said that before! HA

OK OK...here is the first one.

This is a fun little winter layout I did quite a few years ago, and as you may notice as I start to post the others, I seem to have taken on a particular style in every layout. Linear and groupings of photos. I just love printing these wallet sized photos to get a bunch of photos into a layout. I usually take so many photos it's too hard to choose just a few!

Here's one more I finished the other day of Autumn getting some love from the puppy.

That's all for now

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