New Discovery

While playing with my new Whipper Snapper stamps yesterday, I made an exciting little discovery. Some of you may have already made this discovery but I thought I would share it with you anyway.

I had a few images stamped on watercolor paper with a Versafine Onyx ink with intentions of watercoloring them. I usually stamps 3 or 4 of the same image because I always mess one of them up, and I like to have spares. Well after watercoloring one set I decided I wanted to use pencil crayons for my next image, but was too lazy to restamp the images! I colored in the images but was unhappy with the results because of the textured look from the watercolor paper. I looked around my desk, what could I do next; my Copic blender pen was sitting there so I grabbed it, not sure if it would do anything but heck, it was worth a shot since I wasn't happy with the image the way it was.

Well hot damn, wouldn't you know it, IT WORKED. The Copic blender pen blends Crayola pencil crayons, AND my Versafine ink didn't run on watercolor paper. I was unsure how this ink would react with the Copic blender and this paper. The only thing I did notice is it did mess up the end of my blender pen a bit, but it was easily cleaned off. Since I have 2 of these babies, I can keep one specific for pencil crayons and the other one for Copics!

Here are samples, the one on the left is done with watercolor crayons from Staedtler and the one on the right is the one with the Crayola pencil crayons. These will be on the March calendar at Precious Memories!!


Tobi Crawford said…
Sorry I didn't tell you... i'm bad.. so bad.. i'll tell you the next time i find something out.. but knowing you, you will probably already know it...

I tagged you for this questionnaire. if you have time, fill it out!
Anonymous said…
There goes the rest of my Pay check!
Enjoyed the Class tonight - can't wait for the other pens to show up now!
Will be keeping my eyes open for your classes!
Well worth the value!
Colleen said…
More great cards! I see Tobi already tagged you and now I'm tagging you again with something else! It's on my blog...
Anonymous said…
You know it wasn't that long ago I was in P.M. asking for penny Black stamps and suddenly poof there are many classes featuring Penny Black stamps at least thats what they look like. Yeah!! great cards Tara. Hope to take a class with you again soon.
luvs2cre8 said…
Not Penny Black...Whipper Snapper!
Anonymous said…
So - sorry about that. Big mistake.
Well I guess that just shows you how easy it is to get confused in this ever expanding world of stamps and creativity. Still hope to take a class with you again soon even if the stamps aren't Penny Black. :)
Sherelle said…
I just came across your blog, and I am so impressed with the cute cards you create! Beautiful work!