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New Discovery

While playing with my new Whipper Snapper stamps yesterday, I made an exciting little discovery. Some of you may have already made this discovery but I thought I would share it with you anyway.

I had a few images stamped on watercolor paper with a Versafine Onyx ink with intentions of watercoloring them. I usually stamps 3 or 4 of the same image because I always mess one of them up, and I like to have spares. Well after watercoloring one set I decided I wanted to use pencil crayons for my next image, but was too lazy to restamp the images! I colored in the images but was unhappy with the results because of the textured look from the watercolor paper. I looked around my desk, what could I do next; my Copic blender pen was sitting there so I grabbed it, not sure if it would do anything but heck, it was worth a shot since I wasn't happy with the image the way it was.

Well hot damn, wouldn't you know it, IT WORKED. The Copic blender pen blends Crayola pencil crayons, AND my Versafin…