Glitter Everywhere

Saturday was a family day, usually a day to spend with the kids doing whatever they want to do. Today we decided to make Christmas cards for all their friends and teachers. It was a whole lot of fun doing this with the girls, even though there was some complaining about how long it took etc, they still had fun. We started by painting some chipboard snoflakes that I had diecut at work in this lovely seafoam blue from Making Memories. After these dried I sprayed them with a spray glue and we dipped them into a pot of clear glitter. This was a lot of fun however my house is now completely covered in glitter. After all the glittering it was assembly time. Chelsea put the tape onto the back of the patterened paper, Autumn pealed the backing off, Hannah placed the patterned paper onto the card and the I stamped and glued the snowflake in place. All in all it went over pretty well, kids enjoyed seeing their hard work pay off with such pretty cards.