Well today was a day off, however it was not a day for creating but rather a day for visiting Santa. Every year we seem to be able to hit the malls just when Santa arrives, and this year was no exception. The long hour drive to the mall can be extremely boring for the kids and even more unpleasant for us, especially when you hit traffic. This time of year is especially bad as everyone is hustling around trying to get their shopping done, not to mention construction and accidents. I'm pretty sure it took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot...I hate shopping!

We have seen this Santa a few years now, always the same Santa and he seems to remember us....or at least that's what he tells the kids. Their wishes this year are big ticket items and I was happy to hear Santa tell them that he wasn't making any promises and that he'd have to talk it over with Mom and Dad first...what a smart Santa! Perhaps he does know everything!!

I did manage to create just one more card today when we got home from shopping. Here it is, another simple card.


Wanita said…
Wow...the girls sure are getting big! It's nice to see some of your awesome creations again :)