27 December 2007

Disney is booked

Happy to finally have our trip booked . We are staying at the Marriott Fairfield Inn, right across from the park! It took a little work and a switch of travel agents but this is the hotel I wanted to stay in, we only had to push the dates back a week, Feb 16th to the 23rd is when we are going. We have booked Goofy's Kitchen for our first morning breakfast and Ariels Grotto for dinner, this should really please the kids. Now perhaps I should go make myself a little autograph book!

25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

This is one exciting year! As you can see in the video, we are heading to Disneyland....or the big "D" as it's been referred to for the past 3 months. The kids were so excited I just had to share this little video clip of them opening their tickets that I made up for them! Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

16 December 2007

Glitter Everywhere

Saturday was a family day, usually a day to spend with the kids doing whatever they want to do. Today we decided to make Christmas cards for all their friends and teachers. It was a whole lot of fun doing this with the girls, even though there was some complaining about how long it took etc, they still had fun. We started by painting some chipboard snoflakes that I had diecut at work in this lovely seafoam blue from Making Memories. After these dried I sprayed them with a spray glue and we dipped them into a pot of clear glitter. This was a lot of fun however my house is now completely covered in glitter. After all the glittering it was assembly time. Chelsea put the tape onto the back of the patterened paper, Autumn pealed the backing off, Hannah placed the patterned paper onto the card and the I stamped and glued the snowflake in place. All in all it went over pretty well, kids enjoyed seeing their hard work pay off with such pretty cards.

13 December 2007

We Lost A Tooth!!

We lost our first tooth!! Autumn has been wiggling this tooth for about 6 months now, from the very first hint that it was loose. Yesterday we were in the car on our way home from work and she wanted to eat my apple. She had a few bites and started complaining that it was hard to eat because her tooth was loose...a complaint I had heard before so I ignored it. A few minutes later she was telling me that her tooth fell out, so exciting! Even more exciting was the thought of the tooth fairy, who hasn't visited this house in quite some time now.

Now onto the rest of my life. I have been quite busy lately. With Christmas just around the corner there are so many last minute things to catch up on. I have also decided to go back to school. I never did finish high school and I decided that there is no better time than now! I have been spending my nights doing homework, started with a Principles of Math course, I always loved math!! I plan on getting my courses finished within the year so you may not see as many projects posted because of this. I am going to try to manage to get some done as well, I can't let my creative side slip!

Well...off to do some homework!

06 December 2007

Quick Update

Just a quick update to say, no I haven't disappeared. I have been super busy making gifts and cards, not to mention parties and working. So much to do at this time of year.

I won't be posting too much of what I'm making as most are gifts and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

The two tins below are for my Niece and Nephew in Scotland. I picked up some wonderful stationary supplies at a dollar store(gotta love when it's all a buck) in Cars and in Princess, made these tins to match so they can each have their own little tins to store their goodies.