22 May 2009


Ok, really I am still alive. Life has been a little crazy the past few months. After leaving the scrapbook store in January to work in a financial planning office, I found another job in March that is only 15 minutes from home which saves me about 3 hours a day in travel time, not to mention the fuel costs. I have been training once again for this new job (this time in healthcare) and it has kept me very busy and tired, but I love it :) I am now working half the number of hours I used to work and bring home 50% more money...who wouldn't like that!

On top of the new jobs, since the weather has gotten a little nicer I've been in the garden and fixing up the backyard so we can enjoy our meals outside again. Nothing better that eating outside on a warm day. My baskets and planters are all planted.....12 of them in all. I also have converted a water fountain into a planter which looks lovely every year. Once the plants start to grow in I will post some pictures.

I do keep saying this but I promise I will be updating this blog a little more often. I have also been very busy with teaching and creating so below are a few samples of what I have been working on. Please come back often, there will be more very soon!